Leader in National Mineral and Geoscience Development by 2030

Conforming with the rapid global development, the Department of Mineral and Geoscience (JMG) plays a crucial role in mineral and physical development and geoscience services.

As the sole government agency that leads the field of minerals and geoscience in the country with the vision of being the Leader in Mineral and Geoscience Development, JMG is committed to providing highly specialized services to stakeholders and customers in the field of minerals and geoscience.

In order to achieve its vision, JMG has set a mission, which is to Contribute to the Improvement of National Economic Competitiveness and Quality of Life Through the Use of Information, Highly Specialized services, and Effective Research Related to Minerals and Geoscience.

JMG plays a role in enhancing the contribution of the mineral and geoscience sectors to the socio-economic development of the country and the well-being of the people through development,  sustainable mineral resources, research, commercialization and innovation (R&D&C&I) of mineral products, as well as the effective use of geoscience information.

This is carried out through the acquisition, interpretation, management, and dissemination of geoscience data and information. Geoscience knowledge, data, and information can be utilized to solve problems, help improve the well-being of the community, and contribute to the country's socio-economic development as well as environmental preservation and disaster risk management.

YBhg. Datuk P.Geol. Zamri bin Ramli, F.I.G.M.
YBhg. Datuk P.Geol. Zamri bin Ramli, F.I.G.M.Director General


Contributing to the Improvement of National Economic Competitiveness and Quality of Life Through the Use of Information, Highly Specialized Services, and Effective Research Related to Minerals and Geoscience


To provide mineral commodities information to enhance the growth of mineral-based industries.
To encourage the optimal use of geoscience information and services for sustainable development.
To ensure exploitation of mineral resources is carried out in an orderly, safe, efficient and environmentally friendly manner and brings optimal returns to the country
To encourage diversification in the usage of local mineral resources to contribute to the development of the industrial sector through research, development, commercialization and innovation (R&D&C&I) activities
To provide expert services in the fields of mineral, geoscience and mining at the national and international levels in order to encourage investments in the mineral sector to drive the national economy.

Functions and Roles

In order to achieve the Vision, Mission and Objectives set, JMG plays the following main roles:

To undertake and execute systematic mineral exploration

To undertake systematic investigations in various geoscience disciplines such as geological mapping, exploration and development of groundwater resources, engineering geology, geological hazards, environmental geology, marine geology, geophysics, and others.

To provide geochemical analyses and physical tests on rock materials and minerals

To act as the national depository for all information related to geoscience and mineral resources of the country

To collect, analyse and disseminate data and information pertaining to mineral exploration, mining and related activities

To provide technical advice and expertise services in the fields of mineral, geoscience, mining and quarrying.

To assist and co-operate with the private sector and industry to develop further the mineral sector.

To ensure safe, efficient, and systematic mining of minerals and related activities

To implement government policies and directives with regard to the mineral industry and geoscience, besides administration and enforcement of regulations.

To carry out research, development, commercialization, innovation (R&D&C&I), technology transfer, mineral resources development and promotion of research products so that they are acceptable to the industry.

Blueprint Enterprise Architecture (EA) JMG Service

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  • Clean, Efficient and Integrity
  • Patience, Sincere and Prudent
  • Just and Wise
  • Noble Character
  • Modest and Grateful


  • Acting Towards a Vision
  • Strong and Transparent Leadership
  • Sense of belonging to the organisation
  • Experience the same difficulty and delight.
  • Encourage harmony at work.
Towards Excellence

Towards Excellence

  • Insightful
  • Knowledge Cultured
  • Quality First
  • Work Hand in Hand
  • Cultivate a harmonious work environment


  • Fact-Based Action
  • Proactive, Innovative and Competitive
  • Committed, Disciplined and Dedicated
  • Credible and accountable
  • Loyal
JMG Strategic Plan

JMG's strategic plan outlines objectives, aspirations, focus areas, and action plans to tackle challenges over a 5-year period, supported by internal and external environmental analysis and main strategies.

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