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Virtual Celebration of Earth Day And Geologists Day 2022

Geologists Day is an official holiday for geologists in Russia and other former states of the Soviet Union, Established in 1966, the holiday is traditionally celebrated on the first Sunday of April. The timing of the holiday, the first Sunday in April, was chosen because it marks the end of winter and beginning of preparation for summer field work and expeditions. Now, Geologists Day is celebrated worldwide.

The 22th of April each year is commemorated internationally as the day of the earth (earth day) that is the day of observation about the earth. The day of this earth is designed with the purpose of improving appreciation and human consciousness against the planet earth. The 22th of April coincided with spring on the earth of Northern Hemisphere and autumn on the Southern Hemisphere, this activity also got full support from the United Nations Organization (UN) now. In 2009, the UN general assembly officially set the 22th of April as "International Earth Day".

This year, Malaysian Geosciences Coordinating Council (MGCC) will celebrate both Earth Day and Geologist’s Day virtually on 21 April 2022. A better and bigger celebrations will be organized in 2023. MGCC is a national level committee comprises of representatives from JMG, BOG, IGM, GSM and MyGeo.

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