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by checkle on 28.01.2021 17:38

Piggy! Piggy! Piggy!
Mangkuk ah lu!

Di Malaysia, semua boleh kencing bersama,
tapi, tak boleh berkongsi meja makan
Rakyat mahu PH,
tapi, bertukar kepada PN pula.

La Re,
Mi Fa So Li La Sol Fa Mi,
La Re, Li La Sol Fa Mi
123 My friends here with me,
here with me, you and me.
123 We are family,
I love you, you and me.
Who brought me to this place,
I am suffocated.
Everyone is imprisoned, main door is locked,
as if it's an eternal MCO.
Ridiculous brainwashing education system.
Student can only survive with flying colours,
Nails that stuck out are beaten back, talents and dreams are mere rubbish,
Five living ethics? Fuck!
Teaching in accordance to aptitude? Bullshit!
All they want is just trophy, reputation and ranking.
Just like a white lab rat with textbook,
Regular assessment and sample tests.
Injecting drugs and having inspection.
To ensure that you are closed off from the outside world!
Stop forcing me to admit the mistake!
My mistake is purely my skin colour!
I want you to understand my purpose and my fuckin' middle finger
is to slam your fucking retarded education system,
that caused the total lack of imagination and ability,
to contain Covid-19 like Taiwan and make Malaysia Boleh again!
La Re,
Mi Fa So Li La Sol Fa Mi,
La Re, Li La Sol Fa Mi
123 My friends here with me,
here with me, you and me.
123 We are family,
I love you, you and me.
Experiments and experiments,
Being specimen since young.
Keep repeat and repeat everything,
although it will fail.
If succeed, ministers are praised.
If failed, they don't fuckin' care.
Apa Lagi Kita Mahu?
What will people say about us?
Indoctrination, we're asked to look forward,
but those at the back are bullied,
again and again.
Humans are being whipped carefully.
Frontliners are not being appreciated.
Be it Covid-19 or not.
Those at the back,
are ignored like a tombstone.
Where is the benefit!
What did we get? Totally exhausted?
No wonder hacking telcos' data
is like going in a no man's land!
People are tired and sick!
with angers and the word 'bastard'!
while ministers are busy indulging themselves,
just like how Putin did in Idokopas palace!
or maybe how AOC plays in her spare time!
But we don't know what is her score on Adopt Me or Bad Business,
because the MAGAts at the Capitol
are total fucking stupid losers!
La Re,
Mi Fa So Li La Sol Fa Mi,
La Re, Li La Sol Fa Mi
123 My friends here with me,
here with me, you and me.
123 We are family,
I love you, you and me.
We came! We saw! We conquer!
The time has gone!
Why are you still not realising!
Whatever you say is wrong!
We don't want to suffer anymore!
Only education can wipe tears
There's class system in everything here,
Education system is no exception!
This malarkey and rb battles are all fuckin' rigged!
Except there there is only one of two
that can be overcome!
Although we are graduates,
we can't reach higher because of quota!
UEC graduates can't enter public universities
is just like how the hosts throw balls at you
when you fight Ashley!
Post-SPM Matriculation highly favors Malays,
is just like Hyper using jetpack in that lava round!
A Malay can insult non-Malays but not vice versa
is just like how his cart always runs faster than you
in a race!
Non-malays cannot become PM
is just like how pink paints are thrown to the cube
but not the blue ones!
You dare ask a fish to climb a tree?
Tell me why?
and ask an elephant to mow your lawn
Shut up!
La Re,
Mi Fa So Li La Sol Fa Mi,
La Re, Li La Sol Fa Mi
123 My friends here with me,
here with me, you and me.
123 We are family,
I love you, you and me.
No wonder Jocelyn Yow would be better off in US than MY
due to all the malarkeys here!
Because of that there are no Nobel lauretes yet!
But, since cybersecurity here is weapons grade
fucked up,
the easiest method to go for the peace prize,
is to hack Maybank, CIMB, RHB and whatsoever,
put 200 billion bucks together,
to pay Kim Jong-un out of his power!
La Re,
Mi Fa So Li La Sol Fa Mi,
La Re, Li La Sol Fa Mi
123 My friends here with me,
here with me, you and me.
123 We are family,
I love you, you and me.
La Re,
Mi Fa So Li La Sol Fa Mi,
La Re, Li La Sol Fa Mi
123 My friends here with me,
here with me, you and me.
123 We are family,
I love you, you and me.


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