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Researchers : Dr. Ismail Ibrahim, Salmah Baharuddin, Roshaida Arbain, Md Muzayin Alimon

The froth flotation process has so far proved to be the most suitable for the separation of feldspars from quartz. However, in most cases feldspars are floated from quartz using long-chain alkyl amine surfactants as cationic collectors under highly acidic conditions generated by the use of hydrofluoric acid as an activator (Bolger, et al., 1995). Since the reagent is not environmental friendly and causes health problem, therefore mixed cationic/anionic collector (duomeen TDO) with H2S04 acid was tested and proved to be efficient for the flotation of feldspar at bench scale level. The advantages of Feldspar Flotation Using Non-Toxic Activator is that it can create an environmental friendly in flotation process, less toxicity, avoiding health problems such as destruction of deep tissue layers including bone tissue destruction that may resulting in limb loss or death, reducing the inherent cost in treatment plant which is almost 16 times lower than HF acid treatment plant and to avoid creation of a corrosive chemical environment in the flotation cells.


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