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Researchers: Dr. Rashita Abd Rashid and Hamizah Abd Samad

What is the product?
Engineered Poly Art Marble is an artificial marble or man-made alternative material which mimic to natural stone marble. It is a mixture of polymer resin and mineral fillers that is poured into mold to form any variety kinds of product and shapes. Typically, it is manufactured for solid surface kitchen counter tops, bathroom vanities, bathtubs, sinks, and tiles.

Product Uniqueness
This is Malaysian newly-developed formula based on a local minerals of dolomite and andalusite as a main fillers.

It offers a number of advantages includes lesser cost by simple process and cheap resources of materials, high design flexibility and fabulous custom colours and structures by natural filler.


Hamizah Abd Samad

Tel. : +605 - 5477052
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Researchers : Siti Mazatul Azwa Saiyed Muhd Nurddin and Malek Selamat

The leucite glass ceramics is produced using Malaysian silica sand as the Si02 raw material. Sintering of SiO2-Al2O3-K2O glass powder at 850°C for duration of 1 hour contributed to the crystallization of leucite. The leucite glass-ceramics has a flexural strength comparable with commercial product. The absence of apatite layer on the surface indicated that it is inert bioactive material. The leucite glass-ceramics is also ranked non-cytotoxic in terms of in-vitro cellular response to human cell lines under the prevailing test conditions.

Commercial application:

  • dental crowns
  • dental bridges
  • veneering material for a metal substrate


Siti Mazatul Azwa Saiyed Mohd Nurddin

Tel : +605 - 5477052
Fax : +605 - 5477185

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