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Arkib Maklum Balas Pertanyaan: 2014

Tahun: 2014

Tarikh: 2014-07-08

No Rujukan: SQYTWM0A

I would like to know more about the status, contents, and resources of the online systems for land use planning and mining records. I can see links to a GIS system and others related to Permitting and Reporting, but information is only in Malay and instructions for registering as a user to access online resources are not clear. Can you please advise?


I'm sorry to inform you that all our systems relating to mining and quarries (including MINGEOSIS) are not accessible to the public. However, our department produces several statistics reports and publications annually which might help you with your project. The most recent publications are as follows:

  1. Review of Mineral-based Industries in Malaysia 2012 (RM 70.00 per copy)
  2. Malaysian Minerals Yearbook 2012 (RM70.00 per copy)
  3. Malaysian Mineral Trade Statistics 2012 (RM70.00 per copy)
  4. Malaysian Mining Industry 2012 (RM70.00 per copy)
  5. Industrial Mineral Production Statistics and Directory of Producers in Malaysia 2012 (RM70.00 per copy)

As for MINGEOSIS, it is a web-based and integrated system meant only for our internal use. It consists 8 database applications and 4 GIS applications. The database applications are related to our core business activities such as Hydrogeology, Engineering Geology, Mines and Quarries, Regional Geochemical mapping, Industrial Minerals, Metallic Minerals and Energy Minerals. All the information from the databases are compiled and summarised in our annual reports and publications.

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